• Intelligent machines form the core of our technology

    We leverage proven mathematical algorithms to assist real-time decision
    making and create a paradigm shift in personalized healthcare

    By using our products, healthcare providers will be empowered to:
      - minimize avoidable hospital readmissions
      - make informed decisions
      - obtain real-time results
      - enhance individualized patient care
  • We work with our clients to help improve their quality standards

    Our QualityCare Suite learns our clients' user-specific information

    By providing benchmarks and tools our clients have a better insight into
    specific health care data including:
      - Overall quality of care
      - Patient satisfaction
      - Management of organization
      - Efficiencies and improvements
      - Cost
  • Physician experiences are automated to individualize patient care

    Our formula for optimal patient care and management is simple:

       + Established best practices
       + Clinical guidelines
       + In-house protocols
       = Customized strategy for each patient!
  • Our algorithmic approach optimizes drug discovery and development

    Using our paradigm and in-house developed computational constructs,
    we help expedite drugs to achieve "bench-to-bedside" status promptly
    and efficiently

    We assist our clients with pre-clinical and clinical trials as well as
    support research and development
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